In Matthew 8, Jesus’ disciples followed him onto a boat. A violent storm came upon the sea, waves crashing upon the vessel. Jesus was sleeping, so the disciples woke him up saying “Help us, we’re going to die!”

Jesus said “Why are you fearful, you of little faith?” Then he got up and rebuked the winds and sea. And there was a great calm.

The men were amazed and asked, “What kind of man is this? – even the winds and the sea obey Him!”

What kind of man is this? – even the winds and the sea obey Him!”


I often find myself asking that question too.

You see, the disciples had already been following after Jesus since He called to them along the Sea of Galilee – promising to make them “fishers of men.”

They’d seen Jesus teach the good news.

They’d seen Jesus heal the sick.

They’d seen Jesus cast out demons, cure paralytics, and show them to pray.

All incredible acts, miracles of their own.

But this…

Who, by the call of their voice, holds authority and power over nature itself? They were amazed.

If any doubt remained, the disciples knew now: Jesus is more than just a compelling man.

Friends, I sincerely welcome you to Winds + Sea. I pray that this can be a place for you to find hope, challenge, and connection.

It’s been my recognition that God is a lot bigger than I often make Him out to be. And in all honesty, being a follower of Jesus doesn’t always look the way the world thinks it would either.

Who we believe someone to be impacts our expectations of what they can do.

Who we believe someone to be impacts our expectations of what they can do. 

So, who do you believe Jesus to be?

Is he just a compelling man? A great teacher? A miracle-worker?

Or is he the calmer of the storm, with power and authority over the winds and the sea?

Join me in the personal journey to seek Jesus – the real Jesus – and stand in awe of the Father who sent Him.


A Note

A deep part of me has avoided this blog for quite some time. I’ve let my fear of leading someone astray or being seen as a hypocrite yield me from simply beginning.

So let me preface with this: I am not perfect. I don’t know everything about the Bible. I don’t know everything about God. (Who does? We’re all human.) I have so many pitfalls, so many failures you wouldn’t even believe…


I’ve also been saved. Not by a single thing I’ve done on my own merit, but by grace. Thanks to the relentless love of God and His great rescue through the work of Jesus, I am free from the charge of my sin. I’m a changed person, in a way I, myself, would have never believed. (Trust me, if you stick around enough to hear my story, you’ll wonder how I ever ended up here.)

I don’t write to convince anyone of anything. I don’t write to change anyone’s mind. If we believe something just because someone told us to, how much do we believe it anyway?

Rather, I write because stories are meant to be told. And the work of Christ in my life and His kingdom to come is the most exciting story I’ve ever found.

So I encourage you – whoever you are, whatever you believe, in whatever place you are at – to simply make space to consider the conversations you find here.

Let’s share in our stories together.