“What Fault Did You Find In Me?”

Jeremiah 2

I’m just going to cut right to it. We’re going to get real in about…1 second. Are you as passionate about Christ as you were the day you met Him?

I sincerely hope so. Or really, I hope that excitement is even greater.

But, in all honesty, I believe we’d be deceived to think that’s the case for most people. Don’t you think?

So why? What did it for you? What caused you to lose your momentum? Fall off the deep end? Abandon your devotion to the One who saved your soul?

Was it adulthood? The pressures of work and kids and paychecks and bills?

Was it time? The fact that you’re so tired at the end of the day that you have nothing left to give?

Was it apathy? Your heart becoming numbed by the world, lessening your hope and joy in anything?

The thing is this: nothing is worthy of distracting our devotion to our True King. Nothing.

And our pursuit of other things, other man-made gods, is always going to leave us empty, exhausted, and in search of more. It may feel good for a fleeting moment, but it will never last.

In Jeremiah 2, God calls out his people, Israel, for their wandering.

“What fault did your ancestors find in me,
    that they strayed so far from me?
They followed worthless idols
   and became worthless themselves.”

-Jeremiah 2:5

Wow. Can we just sit on that a minute?

What fault do we find in God that we stray so far away?

I think in our minds, many of us say “Nothing, God. I know you are good.”

But what about in our hearts? In the depths of all that is in us? The thoughts and feelings we can’t suppress when we’re tired, overwhelmed, or alone?

Is He Boring? Strict? Confusing?


There are a lot of things that creep up amid our uncertainty.

But when we fall away from God, it’s not due to any fault in Him. It’s due to every broken and separated flaw in us, His rebel creation.

But when we fall away from God, it’s not due to any fault in Him. It’s due to every broken and separated flaw in us, His rebel creation.

You see, our failure to place God in His rightful place – a place of ultimate glory, honor, and power stems from a lack of awe in who He is.

If we really took to heart who it is that God is, rather than our own packaged up ideas of Him, I think our knees would be hitting the ground.

Creator of the universe, planets and stars and galaxies we don’t even know exist yet.

Author of life, the breath in our lungs, the baby in the womb, boundless creativity in the diversity of plant, animal, and man.

Outside of time.

Outside of space.


Entirely good,

Yet entirely just.

I can’t even begin to fathom how BIG God is.

Who are we to stand before this Almighty God? Who are we to find “fault” in Him.

God doesn’t have to explain Himself to us. God doesn’t have to give an account to His ways. He’s God, and we most certainly are not.

So let’s stop following worthless idols. And let’s start following the all-powerful God and His perfect intercessor, Jesus.

I promise you, the moment we do that, the journey is going to get a whole lot more interesting.

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