1 Americans 1: 1-30

If Paul wrote a letter to the Church in America…

1 One among you, called to the work of Christ Jesus,

2 To the Church in America, to those together in Christ Jesus, together with all those everywhere who accept and profess Jesus as their Savior:

3 Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

4 I always thank God for you because of his grace given you in Christ Jesus. 5 For through Him you have been gifted the opportunity to read the Word of God freely, openly, and in your language. Yes, this may not be without some oppression, but relatively speaking, you are safe compared to your brothers and sisters in other nations. 6 Join me in praying for them regularly.

7 I am pleased to hear that many of you have accepted this message of Hope and readily seek to obey His commands. Your generosity refreshes me. 8 Surely you will see the abundance of life in Christ Jesus! Will life be easy? Of course not! 9 Following Jesus does not mean you can now sit back and kick your feet up. The real work has just begun.

10 I am encouraged by your faith and devotion to serving others and thank God for the work you are doing. 11 Press on, knowing He fights for you and provides strength.

12 To others in America, I am concerned. You are worldly and short-minded, lacking perception of anything other than yourself and today. 13 And even worse, your claims to Christ, paired with these actions, are casting a poor reputation for our Glorious God! 14 As Americans you hold a unique platform in the world. 15 Your nation is a mighty power. Your language is a common tongue. Technology is among the best. 16 Do not exchange this opportunity to serve the Kingdom for your own worthless self-gain.

17 Reports of your selfishness worry me. How could you be so vain! 18 Clearly the enemy has taken hold of your minds or your faith was a show from the start. 19 Do not be deceived! Snap out of the comfortable, disconnected life you live! I fear for you as apathy is among the hardest habits to resist.

20 You are divided, one pitted against another. 21 I am a Democrat! I am a Republican! I support this law, I support yet another! 22 Is not your identity in Christ? Is not your citizenship in heaven? 23 Lay aside your political agendas and replace them with love. Pridefully pushing your will on others does not bring anyone to know our Lord Jesus Christ. 24 A law will not save you. This world, these leaders, are but temporary. 25 Set your mind on things above.

26 You are judgmental. Who among you is perfect? Who among you (without the saving grace of Jesus) is free of judgement?

27 The ways of Christ are foolishness to the non believer, but the power of God to those who believe. 28 Therefore, do not judge others – and just as much, do not judge your brothers and sisters. Disciple them? Absolutely! But judge them not. 29 It is not our job to decide who receives grace, or love, or judgement. Do not take what is rightfully God’s.

30 Do not be more concerned about what you are against than what we are for. 31 If I oppose a hateful movement, but have not love, I am a bothersome fly. 32 If I seek to bring down someone for their choice of clothing, but have not love, I am missing the point. 33 If I choose to avoid patronizing a business because of their opinion, but have not love, I gain nothing.

34 Instead, let us live and serve like Jesus Christ, changing the hearts of those around us through love.

35 I have seen you confine God to a box. 36 You limit who He is and what He can do to your own worldly perspective. 37 Is He not the Creator of the mountains and the sea? 38 Even the birds of the air and the breath in our lungs come alive at His command! 39 Is He not the Great I Am, who was and is and is to come? 40 Did Jesus not rise from the grave? Did He not conquer death?

41 The stories written in His Word are not fairy tales. What a Mighty God we serve! His power and authority is unmatched in all the universe!

42 I am saddened to see many of you search for identity – you already have the ultimate identity! You have been sealed as His. What else matters! 43 Possessions do not define your status. Your physical appearance does not determine your worth.

44 Your identity is in Christ Jesus, and He looks at the heart. He feeds the birds of the air and clothes the lilies of the fields. 45 And how much more does he love you than these?

46 Resist over-complicating things. 47 I have heard many argue details about God and His Word. There are reports of feuds over dates and translations and locations and prophecies. Are these wrong to discuss? No. 48 But remember your wisdom is only human. Even the scholars once believed the earth was flat!

49 But center your faith on what you know to be true. 50 Tell the nations what God has done in your life: How your sins set you apart from God. 51 But God, out of his great love, sent Jesus to pay the price of your sins! They are forgiven and you are made new – not by any good thing you did, but by grace alone! 52 This is the Good News of Jesus Christ!

53 Tell others it doesn’t matter who they are or what they’ve done. 54 No sins are too great for Jesus. 55 They can find hope and life in Him. How simple!

56 I am not writing this to shame you but to warn you as my dear friends. 57 Do not grow comfortable in where you are. 58 Do not grow distracted by the worldly interests that accompany a developed, twenty-first century land.

59 Even in what is considered a Christian nation, there is much work to be done. 60 Do not be deceived into thinking everyone knows Jesus. Many know of the church. Many have been persecuted by it. 61 Don’t show them the church. 62 Show them love, and service, and Jesus.

63 It refreshes my spirit to think of what God can do through His people in America. Let Him!

64 The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you.

My love to all of you in Jesus Christ. Amen.

Note/Disclaimer: This is not the Bible. My writing of this is also not intended to belittle the Bible or the credibility and validity of it. The Word of God is intentional, authentic, and God-Breathed. I wrote these words in reflection of Paul’s letters to the churches in the New Testament, and in thoughtful consideration of what he may have said to the current-day church in America. There is great value in examining yourself and this writing was merely a unique way of considering these things. I encourage you take some time to this for yourself.

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